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Bill Pucko - Chief Editor

Today's Best

by Peter King, 9/19/14
The Leah Still story has come close to capturing the nation. At least the sporting nation, at a time when football desperately needs some small bit of good news. Leah, 4, is three-and-a-half months into her fight with pediatric cancer—neuroblastoma, to be specific. She has a Sept. 25 surgery scheduled to remove a tumor that has been shrunk from softball-size in June to something smaller through four rounds of chemotherapy. Doctors have told her father, Cincinnati defensive tackle Devon Still, that Leah has about a 50 percent chance of survival.

by Michael Eric Dyson, New York Times 9/19/14
Adrian Peterson’s brutal behavior toward his 4-year-old son is, in truth, the violent amplification of the belief of many blacks that beatings made them better people, a sad and bleak justification for the continuation of the practice in younger generations.


Home Grown

by Matthew Fairburn, 9/19/14
According to the Dick's Sporting Goods' jersey report, since the news of Terry and Kim Pegula agreeing to buy the Bills and assuring their future in Buffalo, Bills jersey sales spiked 800 percent over their yearly average.

by Jay Skurski, Buffalo News 9/18/14
Not surprisingly, first-round pick Sammy Watkins is one of them. The other two came to Western New York with significantly less fanfare, but nevertheless have been integral contributors. Linebacker Preston Brown, a third-round selection, and right tackle Seantrel Henderson, a seventh-round steal, have both taken every snap so far.


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O.J. All Over Again

by Bill Pucko, 9/22/14

Remember the O.J. Simpson trail?  It was back 1995.  It took ten months for a jury to find Simpson not guilty of a double murder.  The trial itself was an ongoing soap opera.  It cost 20 million dollars to try and was the longest in California history.
Simpson was a sports celebrity, a Hall of Fame running back who spend nine of his eleven seasons in the NFL, from 1969 to 1977, with the Buffalo Bills.  He also dabbled in movies and commercials. That celebrity played into a trial that became a referendum on the advantages enjoyed by the wealthy in the American legal system, and race.  Sentiment for and against Simpson was largely built along racial lines.
It was not pretty.  The trial produced distrust and bitterness.  It pitted rich against poor.  Black against white.  It was less about finding the truth about the murders than it was declaring open season on prejudice.
Simpson's high priced legal team was successful using diversionary tactics against a mountain of physical evidence.  The verdict only succeeded in making things worse.  CNN declared that the O.J. Simpson trial had set race relations in the United States back thirty years.  That's its true legacy.
In 2014, Adrian Peterson is positioned to become the next O.J.  Peterson has been indicted in Texas for the beating of his four year old son.  He claims he was merely disciplining the child.  Everyone has weighed in on the matter.  Opinions on Peterson's actions have largely fallen along racial, cultural and geographic lines.
A recent ESPN Poll found 43 of the 50 states believed Peterson's actions were wrong.  Seven states did not, all from he south.  North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas.  Tony Dungy and Charles Barkley, two powerful voices in the African American community, added fuel to the fire by supporting Peterson.
Ordinarily a discussion of social issues leads to enlightenment.  In a few cases it does not.  The O.J. Simpson Trial was one of those.  If Peterson's alleged assault on his son winds up in court, it'll be O.J. all over again.  Nobody wants that.



from 5/21/14

Tyler Ennis' game likely would have benefited from another season or two in college, but as a possible lottery pick, he probably made the right decision from a financial standpoint.

from 5/20/14
Both Toronto and Minnesota jumped five places this week, with the Blue Jays continuing an impressive rise up the rankings. Toronto is the only team in the AL East with a positive run differential, thanks in large part to the division's best offense -- the Blue Jays have scored the third-most runs in the AL and lead the league in home runs.



by Adam Rank, 9/19/14
Don't try to chase the points you left on the bench last week. And don't continue to smart when one of your top guys has a bad performance. That happens to everybody. So let's chill out and stick with our starters. Well except for Vincent Jackson.

by Alex Gelhar, 9/18/14
Whether it's because of savvy drafters, too many members (where my 16-team players at?) or you have a low priority on the waiver wire (because you rule at fantasy), sometimes the top options simply aren't available. With that in mind, here are some deeper waiver-wire options if you're scraping the bottom of the barrel, or miss out on the top options for the week.