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The Cost of Caring About the Bills

by Bill Pucko, 1/26/10

There are two and only two reasons the Bills even exist in Buffalo these days.  Owner Ralph Wilson is inexplicably loyal to Western New York, and the team has a passionate and supportive fan base.  There are no other reasons.  None.
So Buffalo Bills fans have every right to feel insulted over what occurred last Tuesday during the news conference to announce the hiring of the underwhelming Chan Gailey as the new head coach. 
To begin the proceedings, new general manager Buddy Nix chose to chastise the media for getting what he termed 80 percent of the stories leading to the hiring of Gailey wrong.  When challenged for enlightenment on that statement, Nix declined, asking instead, "Isn't that the way the game is played?"
What game?  Nix has been on the job fewer than four weeks but has already forgotten that the media is the football team's bridge to the fans.  Would he rather no one care?
Better if Nix had begun, "We appreciate the interest y'all took in the process of making this hire."  And left it at that. 
This isn't an isolated incident.  John Guy was the Vice President of Pro Personnel with the team.  He was fired Wednesday.  That happens all the time, but the Bills let him go with a two sentence statement released just before midnight.  Guy put in nine years with the team.  Didn't he deserve better than that?
Certainly not from the same organization that airbrushed former coach Dick Jauron out of the team picture sent to season ticket holders as a Christmas card.  Could any single act be more small minded, cheap and insulting as that?
Unfortunately for the sake of accountability, only one question really matters to the fans of the Buffalo Bills and what's worse, the football team knows it.
"Will that be cash or credit?"

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Not sure if Guy deserves better than that.... 9 years doesn't necessarily determine respect if you haven't done the job, which from what I have been hearing from all you sports writers he hadn't been, you all have had his "head on the block" for quite a while. Got what you wanted, now everyone is crying "They did it at midnight, boo hoo" get over it they got rid of him like you all asked, who cares!!

by me (elteacher) on 1/26/2010 7:51:48 AM


Are they just getting ready for the move to Toronto by alienating the fan base and "poisoning the well" for the Bills in Buffalo?

by ce on 1/26/2010 5:19:34 AM

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