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My Three Liners

by Bill Pucko, 2/5/10

Former Bills head coach Dick Jauron finally landed a job Wednesday, as the new defensive backs coach with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Jauron had a two month head start on the rest of his former staff to become the eighth to find work with other teams.  Three were rehired so it wasn't that bad a staff.

Wade Phillips and Chuck Knox are the only of the fifteen former Buffalo Bills head coaches who found another NFL head coaching job after leaving Buffalo. That doesn't speak especially well to the Bills hiring practices over the years.  Seven including Phillips and Knox had prior NFL head coaching experience when the Bills hired them.

Quarterback Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame is the consensus favorite of the early mock drafts to be picked by Buffalo in April.  The Bills need someone better than what they have.  There are no great quarterbacks playing for bad NFL teams these days just as there are no bad quarterbacks playing for good teams.

Madden NFL has been correct on its call of the Super Bowl five of the last six years, missing only the Giants win over New England.  A simulated game between the Saints saw Colts quarterback Peyton Manning pass for 322 yards and three touchdowns, while the Saints Reggie Bush scored twice, once on a punt return.  Its pick, New Orleans 35, Indianapolis 31. 

New Orleans got a lot of help from Minnesota (5 turnovers) two weeks ago to advance to the Super Bowl.  I don't think they'll need that kind of help from the Colts to score and that's good because they're not going to get it.  That said, Colts 37, Saints 27 Sunday.

How well did Florida football do on National Signing Day?  ESPN's scouting service, lists just 12 Five-star high school players across the country.  The Gators got four of them.

Vancouver is in the early stages of a 14 game NHL road trip.  Eight games precede the 16 day Olympic break, six follow it.  The payoff comes later when the Canucks play ten of their last 15 games at home.

There was no public demand for professional basketball in Rochester when the RazorSharks were founded four years ago but the Sharks seem to have cultivated an audience.  They drew 61 hundred enthusiastic fans for their home opener and put on a good show.  It demonstrates how far really caring can carry you.

I think we can all agree that high school athletes generally get more than their share of attention and credit, so it's refreshing to see Maureen McGuire's Scholastic Arts Spotlight every Monday on WROC-TV.  The station throws an end of the year reception for all the weekly winners.  That's class.

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I have never seen Maureen McGuire's Scholoastic Arts Spotlight, however I will tune in this week. I completely agree that atheletes should be the only young people recognized in our community.

by Patrick on 2/6/2010 7:26:28 AM

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